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Introducing Samadhan Quality Abrasive

Our motto is to give excellent quality & quicker delivery to all our clients.
Our experience in the field makes us uniquely qualified to help you solve your production problems.

Our Services

We are committed to you... our customer. No matter the size of your operation, we have the experience necessary to find solutions that will work for you.

We are a premier distributor of abrasive enhancement solutions. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices, using the most efficient methods of delivery. Come and navigate through our site to find out more about Abrasive Products.

We have an in-house process development Setup. We can develop processes specific to your needs. This would include the Size, Density, Grit, Supplies and documentation.

Abrasive Products provides maintenance and service support on all products we sell. Our Unified Wheels gives Matt-Dull-Satin finish on metal surfaces & are useful in all industrial purposes.


Established with vision to set standards of excellence, Samadhan Quality Abrasives is recognized as one of the premier industries in it's domain. The company has been distributing abrasive products and coated abrasives such as abrasive rolls, abrasive discs, abrasive belts, flap wheels, flap discs etc both for wood working and metal based industries giving superior performance and excellent surface finish.

Our polishing, sanding and finishing products for solid surface, auto finishing, woodworking, metalworking, glass, rubber and other applications can be custom made in any size as per your requirements. Our orders routinely ship within twenty-four hours of receipt of order. No abrasive supplier in India offers the dedication, professionalism, quality, inventory, service or sound business practices that Samadhan Group consistently provides its customers.

Reasons to choose Our Abrasive Products

  • Over 12 years experience in the abrasive products business
  • GUARANTEED 100% customer satisfaction
  • Our sanding belt gives best Quality Finish to wood industry
  • Less than 1% rejection rate by customers
  • Specializing in 24 hour RUSH shipments due to our large inventory of finished products
  • Shipment tracking available on-line or by phone
  • Special services include new product development and testing


Most products we sell are in stock. From Non-Woven Wheels, Flap Disc, Flap Wheels and Aloxide Roll, we carry a wide range of products to meet your needs.